Frequently Ask Question


What is GAMEMANIA portal?

GAMEMANIA is a one-stop portal that is dedicated especially for any mobile subscribers to access unlimited HTML5 games, videos, music and wallpapers. There are more than 200 of each category items available in the portal and the numbers are growing with new and updated content.

How do I play the games?

You may subscribe to the portal for Rs 15/Week. The games can be played on most smart phones as well on desktop. User need to ensure that they are connected to the internet to play the game, videos, music and wallpapers.

What are the phones compatible to play the games?

The games can be played on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, IPad mini, iPod touch) version 3.0+ as well as android devices version 2.0+

How many games can I play?

You may play as many games as there are available in the portal. The portal will be updated weekly with at least 1 new game

Is the data usage charged?

Yes, data charge will depend on your Operator’s data plan. GAMEMANIA portal has already been data suppressed-there will be no additional charges when accessing the portal.


How do I stop the subscription?

To unsubscribe access to your account on and click on Unsubscribe from the portal.